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Sizing Your Wooden Watch Band (Screw type)

Our Unbranded USA wooden watches are easily resizable. While we recommend that you take your watch to a jeweler, you can also resize it yourself. Simply follow the video and picture instructions below to ensure the perfect fit for your Jericho wooden watch.

How to resize Jericho yourself 

First, try on your watch and determine how many links you need to remove for a perfect fit. Place your watch and link removal tools (2 screwdrivers) on a flat work surface. You don’t want small pieces of the watch to roll away.

To keep the back clasp centered, try to remove the same number of links from each side of the band. If you need to remove an odd number of links, use your best judgement for a comfortable fit.




Wooden watch and two small screwdrivers

This wooden watch comes with 2 flat head screwdrivers. You may also need a thin item like a paperclip or needle to push the pins out.   Jericho has many tiny parts. Another set of helping hands can be helpful when resizing this watch.

Person holding wooden watch screw and pin

Each pin has two parts. One side is a very small screw. (Shown on the left side of the picture.) The other side has a larger pin.

Person inserting screwdriver into screw

Step 1: Fit one flat head screwdriver on one side of the link.

Person holding 2 screwdrivers on wooden watch band

Step 2: Put the other screwdriver on the opposite side. (Holding both screwdrivers simultaneously is a bit tricky. This is task is easiest for two people to do.) Unscrew both screws.

Person pointing to wooden watch band pin

Step 3: Pull out and remove the larger pin first. Then, pull out the smaller screw and remove it from the link.   NOTE: You may need to gently tap out the small screw. If that does not work, insert a paperclip or needle into the opposite side of the link. Poke the small screw out.

Person holding separated wooden watch band

Step 4: Separate the two links.

Person holding 2 screwdrivers removing screws

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2-4 to remove any additional links from your watch band.

Person removing pin and wooden watch band link


Wooden watch, 2 screwdrivers, pins, screw and link

Step 7: Separate the links, screws, and pins. Save these parts in case you need to resize your watch in the future or as replacements parts.

Person holding wooden watch band with screw and pin

Step 8: To reconnect the watch band, join together two links. Insert the pin and screw.

Person holding screwdriver removing screw

Step 9: Place one screwdriver on each side of the link. This will temporarily hold the screw and pin in place.

Person holding 2 screwdrivers tightening screw and pin

Step 10: Carefully screw the little screw into the pin. If holding both screwdrivers is too difficult, have someone help you.

Person holding wooden watch band and link

Step 11: Test the fit. Repeat Steps 1-10 as necessary for a perfectly fitted band.