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Sizing Your Wooden Watch Band (Pin type)

Our Unbranded USA watches are resizable for wrists of all shapes and sizes. While we recommend that you take your watch to a jeweler for resizing, you can also do it yourself. Simply follow the video and picture instructions below to ensure the perfect fit for your Use the metal link tool and follow the video and picture directions below to resize your Astrid, Denali, Ilana, Maverick, Onyx, Orsin, Petra, Phoenix, or Zephyr wooden watch.

How to resize your wooden watch

First, find a flat work surface to prevent any small pieces of your watch from rolling away. Determine how many links you will need to remove for a comfortable fit. When you remove links, try to take the same number from each side to keep the back clasp centered. If you are removing an odd number of links, just use your best judgement.




Wooden Watch with Link Adjustment Tool

Tiny pins hold your band together. They have a top and bottom. If you look closely, one side of the small metal pin is slightly enlarged to keep it in place.


Never push the pin through the link with its enlarged side first. And, never pull the pin out by its thin side. Follow the directions on this diagram to avoid damaging the wooden links.

Person inserting Link Adjustment tool into link

Step 1: Unscrew and open up the link removal tool. Line up a link’s pin hole with the needle on the tool. Slowly turn and tighten the link tool until its needle makes contact with the pin.

Person screwing link adjustment tool pushing pin out

Step 2: Continue to tighten the tool. As the needle pushes the pin out, you should see the slightly enlarged part of the pin emerge. If there is resistance, make sure the pin has a clear path. If there is still resistance, check that you are pushing the pin out in the correct direction.

Person removing link adjustment tool

Step 3: Unscrew the needle from the link’s pinhole. Set the tool aside.

Person pulling pin out of link

Step 4: Pull the pin out completely.

Person separating wooden watch links

Step 5: Separate the links on the watch band.

Person using link adjustment tool to remove links

Step 6: Repeat Steps 2-6 to remove as many other links as necessary from the band.

Wooden Watch link adjustment tool pins and link

Step 7: Completely remove the link(s) and pin(s). Set them aside and store them in a safe place. You may need to use these parts later to resize your watch or replace any damaged links.

Person inserting pin in wooden watch link

Step 8: Line up and reconnect the band. Press in the pin(s) in the direction and orientation shown in the picture. If there is resistance, make sure you are pushing in the thin side of the pin first.

Person pushing pin in using link adjustment tool

Step 9: To completely push in the pin, use the link adjustment tool. Line up the needle and pin. Slowly turn the tool to tighten it.

Person seating pin using link adjustment tool

Step 10: Keep turning the tool until you fully insert the pin. Use the other pins on the band to judge the correct depth.

Reassembled Wooden Watch link adjustment tool and spare link

Step 11: Loosen and remove the link tool. Check the fit of your watch, and readjust it as needed.