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Phoenix - Setting Up Your Wooden Watch

Setting up our Phoenix wood and metal watch is easy. Follow these instructions to learn how to set the time, date, and chronograph on your new wooden watch.
Diagram of Phoenix Wooden Watch


  1. Pull out the crown out into the 2nd position.

  2. Turn the crown and set your hour and minute hands.

  3. Push the crown back into place. The small second hand will begin running normally.


  1. Pull the crown to the 1st position shown in the diagram.

  2.  Set the date by turning the crown clockwise.*

  3. After the date has been set, push the crown back to the normal position.

 *You will not be able to visually tell whether your watch is displaying a morning or evening time. If the date does not change at 12 a.m., then set your watch forward 12 hours. 


A chronograph is a precise stopwatch. Phoenix features a chronograph that measures time in 1 second intervals up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

 How to use your chronograph

  1. Stop and start the chronograph by pressing the "A" button.

  2. Press the "B" button to reset the chronograph. This will cause the chronograph second hand and minute hand to return to zero.

Setting up Phoenix chronograph diagram


If the chronograph second hand does not return to zero (including after a battery replacement), follow these instructions. 

  1. Pull out the crown to the 2nd position.

  2. Allow the chronograph second hand to move to zero by pressing the "A" button. Rapidly press the button to speed up this process.

  3. Only return the crown to its normal position after the second hand reaches zero.*

*If you push in the crown before the second hand returns to zero, wherever the second hand is will become the new "zero" position. If this happens, repeat steps 1-3.