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Afterpay x Unbranded USA

We are proud to introduce Afterpay x Unbranded USA, a convenient way to finance your wooden watch purchase. With 4 low-cost, interest-free payments, you'll be able to shop now, pay later, and enjoy your new watch—in no time at all!

How does Afterpay work?

Afterpay helps you get the Unbranded USA wooden watch you deserve—with 4 convenient payments that are always interest-free when paid on time. 

How Afterpay works infographic

When you checkout on Unbranded USA, choose Afterpay as your payment method. You'll need to either sign up for or sign into your Afterpay account. Afterpay will give you an instant approval decision—without impacting your credit score. If you are approved, you will make your purchase, pay the first of four interest-free payments, and we will ship you your new wooden watch!

Every two weeks, you will make your Afterpay payment. (Don't worry...Afterpay will remind you when it's due! You can also set automatic payments for extra convenience.) As long as you pay on time, there are never any fees or interest. 

Afterpay x Unbranded USA FAQ

Have questions about using Afterpay with Unbranded USA? We have answers!

Wooden watch in rearview mirror words "Shop Now. Pay Later. Afterpay"

Do I have to wait until I pay off my watch to receive it?

No! With Afterpay, there's no need to wait for your next paycheck or bonus to shopOnce you are approved for Afterpay and checkout, we'll start packaging and shipping your watch order! You'll be able to buy now, pay later, and enjoy your new watch right away.

What Unbranded USA wooden watches are eligible for Afterpay?

Every one of our watches are eligible for Afterpay—including each watch in our Signature Collection! With payments starting as low as $20, we are proud to offer quality wooden watches at a cheap and accessible price point.

What if I can't make or miss a payment?

If you do not have enough funds or miss a payment, there may be late fees. Visit Afterpay's help section on their website to find out more personalized information about missed payments, hardship policies, changing your due dates, and more.

Does Afterpay impact my credit score?

Dealing with subpar credit scores? Afterpay does not report to any credit bureaus. This means that your credit score will not be impacted if you apply for approval or happen to miss a payment.

What if I need to return my wooden watch purchase?

If you need to make a return or exchange, contact our Unbranded USA team to begin the process. Do not send your watch to Afterpay.