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Our Commitment to Going Green

zebrawood wooden watch on a tree stump


As citizens of the world, it is our duty to protect and care for the earth. At Unbranded USA, we are passionate about crafting eco-friendly wooden watches that promote green ideals. We proudly do our part to help make a difference—from choosing sustainable materials to donating a portion of all of our sales towards environmental nonprofits. Learn more about how our wooden watch company supports going green!

How we give back

When you support our small business, you are part of something bigger. A portion of all of our sales goes towards environmental nonprofits—like the National Forest Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, and Conservation International. Despite focusing on seemingly different issues, these pioneering organizations all share a common goal: to create a better world through environmental initiatives.

These nonprofits target many pressing green concerns—from reforestation efforts and conservation to promoting biodiversity and protecting endangered species. At Unbranded USA, we are proud to align ourselves with these organizations and help support their important missions. Your purchase helps us continue giving back. And, we look forward to changing the world with you—one watch at a time! 

Why choose an eco-friendly wooden watch company?

While supporting green nonprofits is important, it is not the only way in which we prioritize the environment. When you shop Unbranded USA, we do everything possible to maximize quality, deliver an outstanding watch, and minimize our footprint. We are committed to using only the finest quality, sustainable materials, choosing biodegradable, natural packaging, and minimizing wastefulness.

Throughout the world, forests are in danger. Between illegal deforestation, natural disasters, and destruction, choosing eco-friendly practices is more important than ever. Every wooden watch and gift box we craft is made of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. FSC certification means that our wood is sourced from sustainable, responsibly managed, and eco-conscious forests. Packaged with biodegradable, all-natural wood shavings rather than excessive plastics, we prioritize going green in everything that we do. Wear your Unbranded USA watch with pride, and enjoy the beauty of an ethically crafted product!

Have any questions? Reach out to our team!

Do you have questions about Unbranded’s commitment to going green? Do you have a nonprofit that you’d like to share with us? Contact our team today at We are always happy to hear innovative ways that we can promote an eco-friendly world and a brighter future for all.